Who We Are

We are a micro shop of passionate professionals: A solopreneur joined by fabulous assistants who love to bring perspective and problem-solving strategies to equally passionate nonprofit providers through the lens of data, evaluation, and impact.

cascading waypoints

We are dedicated to building better communities by first informing and then transforming community-
based work through thoughtful, relevant, pragmatic use of data, information and empirical knowledge.

    • We help communities and under-represented groups measure
      and evaluate their quality of life.
    • We help systems and organizations measure and improve their
      outcomes and impact.


    • A spirit of inquiry
    • Collaboration and participation
    • Equity and inclusiveness
    • Innovation and impact
    • Creativity and Joy!


Big data, big deal ~ Waypoints Consulting focuses on the use of human-sized data to effect change in
human lives.  We appreciate a good algorithm but find meaning and joy in deploying person-centered
data to guide the transformation of programs, systems and communities.

Download an overview of services or see our data integrity statement.

Clients and Collaborators

Local nonprofits and grassroots organizations such as ~

Regional housing and multi-sector service organizations such as ~

Municipal and state agencies including ~

    • MA Department of Housing and Community Development
    • MA Department of Mental Health
    • City of Northampton MA
    • City of Pittsfield MA

National Consultant groups and federal agencies including ~

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