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The purpose of the NITT-AWARE-SEA project is to build and expand the capacity at state and local levels to make schools safer and improve school climate; increase awareness of mental health issues among school-aged youth; provide training for school personnel and other adults who interact with youth to detect and respond to mental health issues in children and young adults; and connect children, youth, and families who may have mental, emotional, and behavioral health issues with appropriate services.

During 2016-2017, nearly 5,800 persons were trained by NITT-AWARE. About 160 of these persons were trained as Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) instructors, while 5,622 persons were trained as YMHFA responders. Trainings occurred in 6 states across the country.

The total number of persons trained in 2016-2017 increased by 18% compared to the previous year. Since its inception, the NITT-AWARE project has trained more than 14,000 persons.

The impact of NITT-AWARE trainings has been significant: During the 2016-2017 school year, more than 30,600 students received mental health services. Services were provided in both school-based settings and community settings.