Evaluation and Performance Measurement

landscapes - panel 3Monitoring and evaluation is the spark that ignites program improvement, innovation, and cultural change.

Formative Evaluation

20+ yrs experience in designing and implementing evaluation and quality management plans in mental health, public health, and social services settings.

• Survey design and implementation

• Participatory action research/eval protocols

• Focus groups

• Additional qualitative data collection strategies and text analytics

Process & Outcomes Evaluation

We use a participatory monitoring and evaluation framework featuring formal and spontaneous opportunities for communication and feedback.

• Needs assessments, fidelity assessments

• Process, outcomes, and impact measures

• Satisfaction surveys

• Data parties!

Performance Management

We align metrics to vision while incorporating multiple avenues for feedback from stakeholders and those who are most impacted.

• Performance measures, indicators and benchmarks

• Quality management plans

• Quarterly reporting templates using the plan-do-check-act framework

• Ongoing community-based outcomes reporting

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